Monday, 22 August 2011

Exploring the Secrets of the Aurora

Another expensive book. Even on Kindle.

"Probably the book's most valuable contribution to the history of space physics is precisely the narration of the discovery of substorms.---The book has special features.---Akasofu's coverage of the history of pre-space age solar-terrestrial relations is the most comprehensive among books on the subject known to me.---It is a unique mix of science, history, philosophy, and exhortation."

George Siscoe, Center for Space Physics, Boston University

"The book documents the author’s celebrated contributions to understanding the aurora spanning many decades and revolving around some of the most notable space scientists the discipline has produced. … The author’s personal remarks and views sprinkled throughout the book are enjoyable. … Students who read this book will be amused and fascinated by the human side of the scientists … . there are important messages from which scientists of all ages will benefit. … all readers will find this book both fascinating and informative.

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